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happy new year 2014


jeje is love

nananaa ~!

happy new year 2014

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nameless song
I forgot the excistence of livejournal.

But i'll write couple things about this year!

I got to spend nearly 10 months in Korea^^ But nevertheless, it has been the hardest year of my life. From now on, i'll just try to focus on the good things and fight fight fight
so I can go back to Korea soon!

What I learned from this year? FT Island is awesome, the best.
Their music is the best and the members are so sosososososo nice.
The best moments of my life, the best days of my live, the most glorious memories of my life,
are thanks to FT island. The main vocalist even used his free time to search how to say "thank you" in Finnish, just for me..

SHiNee is cool! i never thought i'd get to meet SM people but SHiNee is SM people & cool.
and during the past couple weeks. month. year.
i found EXO charming too. you should see the Wolf stage live. it's so unique.
their new ballad "Miracles of December" is very beautiful and i love Baekhyun's voice.

anyways. Happy new year guys~~ hope you have a good one.
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