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jeje is love

nananaa ~!



October 22nd, 2015

living the dream

ft island
Six years ago, my biggest dream was to live in Japan. No matter what. And support my fav group Tohoshinki in Japan. Now that they are in two parts and three members in the army, obviously it's not possible.

But I am in Japan. I am traveling around the country just to see my favorite group. My favorite band. The love of my life. Ft.

At first I was only supposed to attend the lives in Zepp Tokyo. But the set list was good and I wanted more. So I went to Osaka as well. Thinking about seeing them again in Zepp was tickling my stomach so I went as far as Fukuoka. I told myself it would be the last. However, I found myself in Sapporo again. Seriously. Addiction. But music is not the bad kind of addiction. This addiction is not harming me or anyone around me, it's the opposite. It's what keeps me going. Music. It's what keeps me alive. I wish I could tell them how much their music really means to me.

The dream of living in Japan is so close.. Yet so far. Cause getting the right working permission is s complicated for people in my country. I can't I've up yet. But this waiting and fighting against windmills is tiring and frustrating, especially when you do it alone. Just can't give up.
Won't give up.

July 15th, 2015


ft island
I wish I could go to some place that's far far from here. Warmer and happier. And then I wouldn't have to return, ever..

When did life become so hard? And why?

I'm really tired of waiting for that good day to come. Waiting for my future to start

Should just grow up and face the fact that nothing will ever happen. I am running out of patience. So lame to act if I was okay. Far from it actually..

No matter how hard I try, I won't achieve the things I want.. My dreams all wasted and effort in vain.. Cause it's my life

May 15th, 2014

Long time no see, lj!

I guess nobody here knows about it but I'm about to confess.
You guys know that I'm into Korean culture and music.
You guys know that I adore Tohoshinki and FTisland more than anything.

This time it's about some other group.

At the end of last year, a little glimpse of this super popular group close by,
a situation where there were no fans around.. Just me and my two friends and the guys..
(do not ask how) They were acting so friendly with each other, one of the members humming happily, and some of them looking at us and wondering why foreigner girls were there..
I realized that these are actually really nice guys and real people. I started to check out their performances and their tv shows. They ARE talented, they are funny, they are good. I've fallen for them.

But it's sad that now that they are on top -- I dare to say higher than anybody else--
they have to face this. One of the members leaving.. Out of the blue.

Honestly, with their company, I knew that this would happen. Didn't expect it to happen soon.
Sometimes I just thought how he does not fit in, he seems like an outsider. It will be difficult and painful for the members, for the fans and for himself too.

Good luck ---- , I wish you the best. I hope you have a bright future ahead. We will miss you.


December 30th, 2013

happy new year 2014

nameless song
I forgot the excistence of livejournal.

But i'll write couple things about this year!

I got to spend nearly 10 months in Korea^^ But nevertheless, it has been the hardest year of my life. From now on, i'll just try to focus on the good things and fight fight fight
so I can go back to Korea soon!

What I learned from this year? FT Island is awesome, the best.
Their music is the best and the members are so sosososososo nice.
The best moments of my life, the best days of my live, the most glorious memories of my life,
are thanks to FT island. The main vocalist even used his free time to search how to say "thank you" in Finnish, just for me..

SHiNee is cool! i never thought i'd get to meet SM people but SHiNee is SM people & cool.
and during the past couple weeks. month. year.
i found EXO charming too. you should see the Wolf stage live. it's so unique.
their new ballad "Miracles of December" is very beautiful and i love Baekhyun's voice.

anyways. Happy new year guys~~ hope you have a good one.

April 26th, 2013


jeje is love
hi guys, what's up?

i haven't updated my lj for ages, and probably nobody is reading it anyways ㅎㅎ

Life in Korea is really nice. It's getting warmer♡
Korean doesn't seem too hard anymore. And everything's fine

BUT!!!! maybe you didn't know but I actually became a fan of FT Island. I love their music. Ok, I love the guys as Well. WHYYYY can't they have a comeback. Seriouslyyyy.

I miss their live stage. Of course talking to the guys is awesome and seeing them really close is better than I could imagine. They are really nice guys, although I'm intimidated by

new fav little drummer boy. He is very shy and doesn't talk a lot but he's listening very carefully. Hongki is super nice, it's kinda comfy seeing him. Jonghun is really funny!! I never expected him to start talking to me, and even in English. I haven't talked to Jaejin.. and Seunghyun is SOOOO PRETTYYY and so funny!!!!!!! His English is good, I don't care what people say. This boy is just awesome. I miss FT Island... really.

Kyaa!! 다음주에 우리 유천오빠를 만날거예요 ♥♥ 재중오빠도 준수오빠도♡♡

Can't wait for the NII fan meeting.

Ohh!! And today I went to an Arashi coffee shop in Hapjeong. We watched the whole Popcorn live there♡♡

Sorry for the randomness. Good nightvworld. 잘자요 ♡

November 2nd, 2012

official announcement

nameless song

i have an official announcement to make!

i miss Lee Hongki

i don't care what everybody says, i may be crazy and fangirl too much or something but

maybe it's sad yet true

he will probably be the sweetest & prettiest & funniest guy i have had a conversation with

it has been already 50 hours since i last saw him

and i'm actually skipping some TVXQ things so i can support FTisland. can you believe it?

i really really like Hongki, not as an idol but as a person and as a musician..

i truly like Hongki, i wanna talk to him more, i wanna touch him again :D still it's funny, i don't really have a favorite member in FTisland cause i like all the members and if it's a band, why would you even need to pick one? i'll pick five. Jaejin is such a cutie pie and i love his soft voice. Seunghyun was the first one to greet me and he is very friendly + cute smile sexy eyes !!!!!! Jonghun..i don't really know about him but he is very good at playing^^ ulzzang. Hongki is Hongki such a little boy sometimes but oh man.. if you talk about idols, no way there's another idol who is that sweet to his fans. and Minhwan.. the maknae :D mysteriously illegally hot drummer, and my friend claims that Minhwan is my favorite. he is so serious when performing.

enough of this.

i just miss Hongki:(((( and his Japanese is so good.. and his English too

September 26th, 2012


jeje is love
dear God

thank you for today

please let us play safely

bless my family, friends & others

please bring me Donghae, as soon as possible



September 7th, 2012


jeje is love
So I'm back in Korea -- at least for three months. It is so unsure for how long I can be here.. I have never been so unsure in my entire life. Visa issues cause me sleepless nights!! But the kids I am with are just super cute.

Super is my new favorite word ,  for no reason.

So I have been seven days in Korea and I'm really really AARRGGF in trouble. With the visa thing and..

aaaaah I have to come out from the closet.

I admit it.

I love Super Junior... I got to see four of the members from really close distant. I have been Yesung bias since I don't know when. He is super beautiful and sexy in real life!! He seems very friendly towards fans. Too bad Donghae wasn't there -- kyaaaa I am really really really falling for Donghae.

They were playing for songs at the background when Eunhyuk & Yesung & Ryeowook & Sungmin gave signatures. Sexy Free & Single, SPY, A-CHA and Neorago. I hadn't listened to Neorago before but now it's on replay all the time.. I love this song!! I wanna see Super Junior perform live. I gotta see all of them!! Donghae!! AAaaaaaah I became an ELF

Oh yeah, Eunhyuk a.k.a Junsu's best friend waved at me. Kinda cool

August 9th, 2012


jeje is love

if my life was fiction..

i'd dedicate my life to feeding Lee Gak yummy stuff

that'd be a happy happy life ㅋㅋㅋ


21 days left before shuppatsu to Korea! kyaa

August 4th, 2012


jeje is love
Oh I am what I am 

I'll do what I want but I can't hide

I won't go I won't sleep

I can't breathe until you're tweeting here with me

I won't leave I can't hide

I cannot be until you're tweeting here with me

Yoochunnie, let's go back to twitter .. 

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