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official announcement


jeje is love

nananaa ~!

official announcement

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nameless song

i have an official announcement to make!

i miss Lee Hongki

i don't care what everybody says, i may be crazy and fangirl too much or something but

maybe it's sad yet true

he will probably be the sweetest & prettiest & funniest guy i have had a conversation with

it has been already 50 hours since i last saw him

and i'm actually skipping some TVXQ things so i can support FTisland. can you believe it?

i really really like Hongki, not as an idol but as a person and as a musician..

i truly like Hongki, i wanna talk to him more, i wanna touch him again :D still it's funny, i don't really have a favorite member in FTisland cause i like all the members and if it's a band, why would you even need to pick one? i'll pick five. Jaejin is such a cutie pie and i love his soft voice. Seunghyun was the first one to greet me and he is very friendly + cute smile sexy eyes !!!!!! Jonghun..i don't really know about him but he is very good at playing^^ ulzzang. Hongki is Hongki such a little boy sometimes but oh man.. if you talk about idols, no way there's another idol who is that sweet to his fans. and Minhwan.. the maknae :D mysteriously illegally hot drummer, and my friend claims that Minhwan is my favorite. he is so serious when performing.

enough of this.

i just miss Hongki:(((( and his Japanese is so good.. and his English too

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