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jeje is love

nananaa ~!


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jeje is love
hi guys, what's up?

i haven't updated my lj for ages, and probably nobody is reading it anyways ㅎㅎ

Life in Korea is really nice. It's getting warmer♡
Korean doesn't seem too hard anymore. And everything's fine

BUT!!!! maybe you didn't know but I actually became a fan of FT Island. I love their music. Ok, I love the guys as Well. WHYYYY can't they have a comeback. Seriouslyyyy.

I miss their live stage. Of course talking to the guys is awesome and seeing them really close is better than I could imagine. They are really nice guys, although I'm intimidated by

new fav little drummer boy. He is very shy and doesn't talk a lot but he's listening very carefully. Hongki is super nice, it's kinda comfy seeing him. Jonghun is really funny!! I never expected him to start talking to me, and even in English. I haven't talked to Jaejin.. and Seunghyun is SOOOO PRETTYYY and so funny!!!!!!! His English is good, I don't care what people say. This boy is just awesome. I miss FT Island... really.

Kyaa!! 다음주에 우리 유천오빠를 만날거예요 ♥♥ 재중오빠도 준수오빠도♡♡

Can't wait for the NII fan meeting.

Ohh!! And today I went to an Arashi coffee shop in Hapjeong. We watched the whole Popcorn live there♡♡

Sorry for the randomness. Good nightvworld. 잘자요 ♡
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