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history is repeating itself?


jeje is love

nananaa ~!

history is repeating itself?

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jeje is love
Long time no see, lj!

I guess nobody here knows about it but I'm about to confess.
You guys know that I'm into Korean culture and music.
You guys know that I adore Tohoshinki and FTisland more than anything.

This time it's about some other group.

At the end of last year, a little glimpse of this super popular group close by,
a situation where there were no fans around.. Just me and my two friends and the guys..
(do not ask how) They were acting so friendly with each other, one of the members humming happily, and some of them looking at us and wondering why foreigner girls were there..
I realized that these are actually really nice guys and real people. I started to check out their performances and their tv shows. They ARE talented, they are funny, they are good. I've fallen for them.

But it's sad that now that they are on top -- I dare to say higher than anybody else--
they have to face this. One of the members leaving.. Out of the blue.

Honestly, with their company, I knew that this would happen. Didn't expect it to happen soon.
Sometimes I just thought how he does not fit in, he seems like an outsider. It will be difficult and painful for the members, for the fans and for himself too.

Good luck ---- , I wish you the best. I hope you have a bright future ahead. We will miss you.

  • hihihi Ikea is everywhere~ JE uses lots of Swedish composers and i've seen some Swedish names in Korean music industry too!

    vacation sounds good^^ i guess Arashi will do something special again this year. i got Arashi around asia 2008 & Kimi to boku no miteiru fuukei tickets from auction, but my friend got FC tickets for Popcorn in Sapporo. Did you know that when you win the tickets through ballot for the first time, they're always good seats? we got arena seats too.. final day in Tokyo must have been awesome ~~ i feel so sorry cause i haven't followed Arashi lately at all
    • true true ^^

      Really? I didn't know that, I heard the longer u have been a member the better seats u get. I waited 6 years to hit! but I got good ones so it was worth waiting.
      Arashi is all I'm into, because of work I have no time for other things.

      I'm also looking into learning Finnish (I'd need it for work..)haha
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